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Fit & Fall Exercise Class

Every Tuesday & Thursday from 10:30 AM - 11:15 AM

Fit and Fall Proof Classes were developed in 2004 right here in Idaho as an exercise-based fall prevention program for older adults.  We have four leaders trained and they do an excellent job in leading a fun but yet impactful session of exercises, especially in helping with preventing falls. It is very successful with 7 out of 10 participants reporting improvement in their health and fitness after a 10 week session.  Please come and join in to bring more fitness into your life. Plus it is FREE!


Every Week


- Every Wednesday at 12:30 PM.

- We often host a pinochle jamboree several times in a year. Stay tuned for updates!


- Every Friday at 12:30 PM.

- Every first Friday of the month, we have a special bingo guest caller that joins us along with a grand prize!

- Every last Friday of the month, the prize is the jackpot (bingo money collected throughout the month).


- Every Friday at 12:30 PM.

Monthly Drawings:

- Each month, one of our Staff members comes up with a drawing that is free for everyone! *Must be present at meals (on Wednesday and Friday) to win.


*Must call ahead of time to schedule*

 We provide transportation for our older citizens who need to attend a doctor's appointment or necessary shopping. Cost is $10.00 inside Northern Bingham County area or into Blackfoot and Idaho Falls $20.00.  If you are unable to afford these prices, please let us know and we'll make arrangements for you. Please try to make your appointments on Tuesdays and Thursday.

Pet Love Project

Contact our office on Tuesday - Friday 

If you are a senior and needing food for your pet, please contact our office and we will be happy to help! We have dog, cat, and bird food in stock. 


Every 1st & 2nd Wednesday/ month from 10:00 - 11:45 AM

Women's Haircuts = 1st Wednesday each month by Rene'e Doherty.

Men's Haircuts = 2nd Wednesday each month by Outlaw Barbershop. 

Haircuts are first come first serve and only done once a month here at our center. Feel free to contact our office for further questions or concerns. 

Foot Clinic

Once a month, by appointment ONLY!

Susan Calderwood, a wonderful nurse, has graciously donated her time and talents in helping our members with their foot and toe nail care. She soaks members feet and provide nail trimming only for toe nails. Please contact our office to schedule and appointment. 

Congregate, To-Go, & Home Delivered Meals

Every Wednesday & Friday 

Our goal is to increase socialization. Our director says, "Food always tastes better when you're eating with someone." We offer the following services:

Congregate Meals (Lunch):

- We serve lunch every Wednesday and Friday right at noon. All ages are welcome! 

To-Go Meals(Lunch):

- Orders must be placed on Tuesday or Friday from 8 AM-3 PM. All orders must be picked up in the building and paid for at the front desk on Wednesday or Friday at 11 AM.

*This meal service COST is $6.50.

Home Delivered Meals (Lunch):

- If you or someone you know is in need of meal to be delivered, please contact our office. This service is only available for certain circumstances. 


Seniors.................a suggested donation of $5.00

60 years of age and spouses and individuals with disabilities who reside at home with and accompany eligible individuals. 

Persons over 12 and under 60....................$6.50

Children 12 and under...............................$5.00

Outing Trips!


Every month, our Community Outreach Coordinator plans outing trips. We have gone to the aquarium, museum, restaurants, etc. The costs for these trips vary, but visit our monthly calendar for news on where we are going. 

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