What is Pet Love


There are many Older Adults who suffer from Social Isolation.  A pet can help these Older Adults as they deal with their dire circumstances.

According to the article Benefits of Elderly Owning Pets on www.AgingCare.com, "Pets can help reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and increase social interaction and physical activity. Pets provide other intangibles, too. ... Pets can also have an astounding effect on symptoms of depression and feelings of loneliness."


COVID has increased the amount of senior isolation, Pet Love is more important now than it has ever been!

According to Pethealthnetwork.com, "One of the most challenging aspects of aging is isolation and loss of social interaction. Whether homebound due to physical challenges or illness, many senior citizens may begin to feel cut off from the outside world and struggle with depression. Those feelings of loneliness can lead to stress, anxiety, and medical complications.  A new study proves that pets can cheer up lonely seniors and enhance quality of life. But we pet lovers already knew that." 

Pet Love Helps 

You can help Older Adults on fixed incomes in our area of Northern Bingham County with donations of Pet Food, Pet Supplies or Monetary means, right here at The Elite Retreat A Community Center for Active Adults with our Pet Love Project.  We have homebound and other Older Adults who would like a pet but can't afford one or who have a pet but find it hard to keep them due to their limited incomes.  Please come into the Center and donate today!  All of your help will help those living alone with the upkeep of their precious pet who are their best friends.

I remember my Mother was so lost and devastated after the loss of my Dad that she was now alone and so lonesome without her husband of 50 years.  She had a very small white  poodle named, "Corky" whom she loved with all her heart.  Because of Corky she wasn't alone, she had a companion to take care of who sat by her whenever she was sitting and slept with her when she went to bed.  Corky loved my Mom and of course my Mom loved Corky.  Six years later Corky died, my Mom was again devastated and now all alone.   I bought her another little poodle who was a chocolate color and my Mom named her "Collette."   She again loved her little dog and Collette would also sit by my Mom every time she sat down and would sleep with her at night.  My Mom passed before Collette, but they were the best of friends and this cute little dog was so much company for my Mom.  I know that without Corky and Collette my Mom would not have lived as long as she did after my Dad passed.  Because of this, I have a testimony that pet love does work for those who are alone and I want to make sure all of our Older Adults who are alone in our area have a chance to have a pet to love and take care of.  The studies have been done and our Older Adults are better off when they have a pet to take care of and to love.  Won't you please lend a helping had to our Older Adults in this area?  A small donation will go a long way in keeping these Pet Lovers with good food for their pet and making sure their pet is active and well.  

Below is a picture of some of the donations we have already received.  Please donate what you can.